Important stops

Moving around

I moved every five years in my life so far, being in several different schools, cities, and countries. Today, I think this is why I am so good at networking – bringing people together, adapting to new situations, while being truthful to myself – because I had to rely on those skills from early on.

Learning how to dance

You could say I was always a dancer. As a kid, I could not sit still and would move around especially to music. Hence when invited to the professional dance floor by the age of 10, I found my first passion. It helped me to learn how to improvise to unknown music, and to trust the uncertainty, especially your dance partner.

Becoming an engineer

Besides dancing, I was obsessed with TVs and technical instalments as a kid. I had to learn it because my father usually didn’t have the time. Since then, my interest in technology has grown through the years, and I was lucky to grow up in a time where the internet and mobile phones just arrived. Quite naturally, I then decided to do my undergraduate in Engineering.

First time abroad

It took me 21 years for my first long-haul flight. During my studies, I was sent to Canada to do an internship with Siemens near Toronto. After that, I’ve added a semester abroad in Northern England. Since then, my wanderlust never stopped, exploring many new countries for vacation as well as for work.

Finding my 2nd Passion

As soon as I was introduced to the discipline of Foresight during my position in the Corporate Strategy Department of Osram, I was in love – combining technological know-how and creativity was the perfect fit. Within one week, I collected all documents needed to apply for a master of Strategic Foresight and six months later, I arrived in Melbourne, Australia.

Living & Studying downunder

Living and studying for two years in Australia broadened my horizon of the future from being technology-focused to seeing the power of social change. I’d say my whole perspective of life shifted with my experience in Australia. The MBA fostered leadership skills, and the Master of Strategic Foresight combined by passion and strengths.

Working for corporate, Startup NGO, and ME

During my professional life, I was able to work for all sorts of organizations, from being in Corporate to working in start-ups and NGOs. Lastly, being a freelancer for the past years has taught me self-discipline, patience, and the strength to live and follow my own passion every day.